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Atmosphere Heat Treating of Precision Hydraulic Gears & Overhead Crane Components

Founded in 1946, Euclid Heat Treating carries out custom atmosphere heat treating in manufacturing precision hydraulic gears and overhead crane components, meeting the top-notch manufacturing results and first-rate performance demanded by worldwide leaders in hydraulic pumps and material handling components. Special handling and production tooling during the carburizing and hardening process provide exceptional dimensional tolerances and nearly distortion-free results. These components play an important role in a variety of industrial operations, including military, heavy construction, and mining. Because these components are highly sensitive, it is essential that they are processed and handled with the utmost care. Euclid’s engineers are expert in this type of specialty handling, protecting parts from damage, such as nicks, cracks, or dents, throughout the heat treating process.

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Hydraulic Pump Gear
Hydraulic Pump Gear
Hydraulic Pump Gear

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Product Description Idler Gears
Drive Gears
Temperature range 1500F to 1750F
Base Material 8620/4820
Secondary Operations Applied Deep Freezing
Vapor Blasting
Eddy Current Verification
Industry for use Heavy Construction
Material Handling
Standards met ISO/TS16949

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