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Induction Heat Treating of Spindles and Rings for the Automotive Industry

Founded in 1946, Euclid Heat Treating makes use of a unique induction heat treating process, achieving the exceptional performance and material quality requirements expected by worldwide leaders in the automotive industry. Dual scanners, indexers and single shot RF units allow us to offer a wide array of induction hardening capabilities to meet your localized heat treating needs. Since these components play important roles in many equipment functions in the automotive industry, they require highly sensitive handling and processing. This careful handling prevents damage to parts, including nicks, dents, and cracks, for the duration of the induction heat treating process.

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Outer Ring
Outer Ring
Outer Ring

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Product Description Spindle Shafts
Inner and Outer rings
Hardness range and pattern Specified by customer
Base Material 1050
Secondary Operations Applied Eddy Current Verification
Industry for use Automotive
Standards met ISO/TS16949

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