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Secondary Processing / Eddy Current Testing / QA Department

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Wilson Series 2000 Digital Rockwell
Wilson Series 2000
Digital Rockwell
Wilson Series 2000 Digital Rockwell
  Eddyvisor Coils
Eddyvisor Coils
Eddyvisor Coils
  Sandblaster Secondary Processing
Sandblaster Secondary Processing
Sandblaster Secondary Processing

Our Quality Assurance department is staffed by a graduate metallurgical engineer and an assistant quality control inspector. We operate to Metal Treating Institute (MTI) quality standards and are certified to TS 16949:2009 as well as AS9100C, and can process to CQI-9 requirements. We employ two metallurgists on our staff. Our laboratory equipment enables us to prepare micro specimens and subsequently verify that all specified microstructure and hardness requirements have been met following thermal treatment. Products which require verification of specific mechanical properties are sent to an independent laboratory.

Serving a variety of industrial sectors, from aerospace and automotive to robotics and semiconductor, The Euclid Heat Treating Company is pleased to offer a variety of secondary processing services, including metal cleaning, tumbleblasting, glass beading, gaging, packaging, X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) alalyzing, and eddy current testing. Euclid Heat treating is proud to announce the acquisition of the Eddyvisor®. The Eddyvisor® is an Eddy Current testing device used to non- destructively test for hardness, case depth and case pattern as well as determining mechanical properties not previously mentioned. Euclid Heat treating has been very successful in using the Eddyvisor® for crack free verification as well. Capable of running single part prototypes or large volume production we're pleased to accommodate your secondary processing service needs. To learn more about our services, please contact The Euclid Heat Treating Company today.

Euclid Heat Treating is also proud to announce that we now offer positive material identification (PMI) using Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzer Technology.  This technology allows real time identification of over 400 different alloy grades.  We will come to you and do on-site analysis of your material.  This technology will save you money - it will allow you to save money by knowing your materials before making parts and risking costly scrap and/or rework operations.  This technology will also save you time - we can provide you a printout of the material composition in minutes, without having to wait for lab analysis.  This XRF technology is 100% non-destructive, there's absolutely no need for etching or cutting of your samples.  We can test finished or raw material, large or small quantities, and we can quickly and conveniently test your material with exceptional precision and accuracy.

Mag Particle Inspection Inspection Secondary Processing
Mag Particle Inspection
Inspection Secondary Processing
Mag Particle Inspection Inspection Secondary Processing
Wilson Series 200 Tukon Tester
NewAge Automated Micro-Hardness Tester MT-90 
Wilson Series 200 Tukon Tester

                           X-Ray Fluorescence(XRF) Analyzer



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Consumer Goods
Intended Application
Agricultural Equipment
All Terrain Vehicles
Brake Systems
Lighting Fixtures
Power Tools
Printed Circuit Boards
Refrigeration Equipment
Welded Assemblies
Type of Secondary Service
Cleaning and Degreasing
Abar / Ipsen Vario Clean Vacuum Washer                 On-site material identification                                     Parts Burn-off (including Plastics, Rubber and Powdercoat) 
Eddy Current Testing
Gauging and packaging                                         Glass Beading                                                          Vapor honing                                                             Mag particle inspection
46 in
36 in
36 in
Industry Standards
ISO -2002
International Organization for Standardization
TS 16949:2009                                                        AS9100C
Technical Specifications, used with ISO
Production Volume
Specialty Production Shop
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Small Run
High Volume
Large Run
Long Run
Large Scale Production Volume Run

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