Maintenance Technician II

Position: Maintenance Technician II
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 7:30-4:00 pm
Reports to: Maintenance Supervisor

Family-owned commercial heat treater looking for experienced industrial maintenance person.

Job summary: Conduct maintenance and repair of heat treating equipment, mechanical systems, buildings, and auxiliary equipment. Coordinates with production staff, management and plant engineer for repair, maintenance and improvement of existing systems, and installation of new equipment.

Essential requirements of this job include:

• Mechanical aptitude
• Ability to effectively use hand tools
• Desire to learn and advance, willingness to be trained
• Ability to withstand shop and outdoor conditions (hot/cold, dirty)
• Ability to work as a team, able to switch job activities as needs arise, willingness to perform tasks ranging from simple to complex

Position requires experience and proven knowledge and skill in any of the following areas:

• Disassemble, replace parts and reassemble pumps, drives, indexers, motors, gearboxes etc.
• Maintain hydraulic and pneumatic systems

• Installation of water, gas and air lines
• Pipe threading
• Soldering and brazing copper pipe

• Welding
• Machining
• Cutting with torch or plasma cutter

Furnace maintenance:
• Brick laying
• Replacing furnace components such as burner tubes, tracks, hearths, retorts,etc.
• Gas burner tuning

Electronics and Controls:
• Programming PLCs, Motion Controls, temperature instrumentation
• Troubleshoot, repair, replace controls
• Install and integrate sensors, switches, safeties with existing controls

• Read and interpret wiring diagrams
• Ability to use Voltmeters and Amp meters to test circuits
• Install electric motors, starters, relays, PLC’s, & instrumentation
• Run electrical conduit and wiring
• Troubleshoot electrical problems

Benefits: (after various waiting periods)

• Health insurance
• 401K
• Vision and dental insurance (employee-paid)
• Aflac (employee-paid)
• Vacation
• Paid holidays
• RTA Commuter Advantage

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