Case Hardening with Euclid Heat Treating

The Euclid Heat Treating Company offers batch and continuous case hardening, such as carburizing, carbonitriding, gas nitriding and ferritic nitro-carburizing services. To accommodate our clients’ diverse case hardening needs, we have 8 batch ovens and 2 rotary retort continuous furnaces. We can accommodate a part up to 33″ outside diameter and up to 72″ lengths, and a 72″X33″X36″” maximum part size.

Our Heat Treating Services

Induction Hardening

Widely used process for surface hardening for steel...MORE

Case Hardening

Offering both batch and continuous hardening...MORE

Vacuum Processing

Used for tool steels, stainless steels and beryllium copper...MORE

Quench & Temper

Process that heats materials to its "austenitizing" or hardening temperature...MORE

Additional Services

We provide a number of secondary services for our customers...MORE

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