Vacuum Processing with Euclid Heat Treating

Well-equipped with 3 vacuum hardening furnaces, Euclid Heat Treating offers a variety of vacuum processes: pressure quenching up to 6-bar, air hardening, vacuum oil quenching, solution treating, stress relieving, and annealing. These processes are used for tool steels, stainless steels, and beryllium copper and yield a bright, clean cosmetic appearance. With almost 70 years of Tool & Die heat treating experience, we are capable of delivering the highest level of quality and durability in your products. We always apply full thermal cycling of your material during tempering, which is critical for the reduction of retained austenite and thermal stresses in your carefully machined components. With our comprehensive heat treating capabilities, we can process parts measuring up to 48X48X36 inches.

Process Materials / Comments
Vacuum Heat and High Pressure Quench A-2, D-2, H-13, M-2, M-4, M-42, CPM, S-7 T-15, 410, 416, 440 stainless
Vacuum Heat and Oil Quench S-5, O-1
Precipitation Hardening 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, Inconel
Vacuum Anneal Any material
Solution Anneal 300 series stainless
Stress Relieving Any material
Tempering Any material


Our Heat Treating Services

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Case Hardening

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Vacuum Processing

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Quench & Temper

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Additional Services

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