Secondary Processes

Secondary Processes at Euclid Heat Treating

The Euclid Heat Treating Company is pleased to offer a variety of secondary processing services, including eddy current testing, gaging, packaging, and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzing (positive material identification).

Metallurgical Lab

Our Quality Assurance department is staffed by a graduate metallurgical engineer and 2 assistant quality control inspectors. Our laboratory equipment enables us to prepare micro specimens and subsequently verify that all specified microstructure and hardness requirements have been met following thermal treatment. Products which require verification of specific mechanical properties are sent to an independent laboratory.

Eddy Current Testing

Our eddy current testing device, Eddyvisor® , is used to non- destructively test for hardness, case depth and case pattern as well as determining other mechanical properties that may be out of specification. Euclid Heat Treating has been very successful in using the Eddyvisor® for crack verification as well.

Spinner-Hanger Blasting

The new Coyote Spinner-Hanger Blaster is specifically designed for precision parts that require no piece-to-piece contact. This cleaning method removes discoloration and/or temper oxide after heat treatment and can also be used to pre-heat treating applications to prepare surfaces for thermal treatment such as nitriding.

An array of fixture “trees” ensures the proper spacing between parts and uniform coverage of the blast media. During the blasting cycle, there are three (3) separate position timed cycles while the parts are spinning on the trees.

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Material Identification

Euclid Heat Treating also offers positive material identification (PMI) using Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzer Technology. This technology allows real time identification of over 400 different alloy grades. We can analyze sample parts that are sent to us, or we will come to you and do on-site analysis of your material  This technology will allow you to save you money by knowing your materials before making parts and risking costly scrap and/or rework operations.

Quality Policy Statement

The Euclid Heat Treating Co. will provide Heat Treating and Secondary Services that meet or exceed our customer expectations, requirements and specifications. Through training, each employee in the company is empowered and responsible for raising the level of excellence through measuring, analyzing and refining processes to continually improve the quality, value and profitability of our service.

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